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Flat Rate FAQ

March Aviation Propeller

Flat Rate Exchange Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Flat Rate Exchange and a Standard Exchange?

The flat rate exchange removes the possibility of above normal repair charges by including non-standard replacement parts.

This means items like motors, pistons, shafts, armatures, end-bells, etc. are now included in the price of a flat rate exchange.

How does this benefit me?

This new program will allows operators / maintenance facilities to eliminate the guess work on what an exchange will actually cost (standard exchange plus non-standard parts).

Does the warranty differ from a Flat Rate Exchange and a Standard Exchange?

Yes, a flat rate exchange order, no matter the condition, will carry a twelve (12) months warranty from the date of sale. While
a standard exchange will carry our standard warranty of, twelve (12) months for new or overhauled units and six (6) months
for serviceable units. See terms of sale for more details.

Does my core have to be the same part number?

Yes. The flat rate exchange requires an exact same part number core. In some cases, with written approval, March Aviation
may accept a similar part number or offer a downgrade charge.

What if my core is Beyond Economical Repair (B.E.R)?

In the event that a core is determined to be B.E.R. then an additional charge for the core value will be charged. You can, as
always, contact us to find out more details on how to submit another core for evaluation.

My Core is already at a repair station (disassembled). Can I use this as an acceptable core?

The flat rate exchange program does not normally cover units that were previously disassembled; however in some cases we
may be able to make exemptions.

What if my core is missing parts or contains unauthorized parts?

Units missing parts or containing unauthorized parts may be rejected as an unacceptable core. We will attempt to have the
unit reassembled to the O.E.M. specifications, however these parts that were missing or unauthorized will not be covered
under the flat rate program.

Why is the core value different from a Standard and Flat Rate Exchange?

The core value is determined from the difference between the outright price and the exchange price. The outright price never
changes and is the maximum charge for a specific part on any order.


Standard Exchange

Outright Price $5000.00

Exchange Price $1500.00

Core Value $3500.00

Flat Rate Exchange

Outright Price $5000.00

Exchange Price $2000.00

Core Value $3000.00

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